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Creative media and marketing solutions

Media Relations


​Develop communication strategies, create press releases and articles, contact journalists, schedule interviews etc. Work with the media to inform the public about client mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and reliable way. Media training also supports the work. 


Public Relations


Promoting company, destination, events etc. Working closely with selected media, attend and organize events, produce and disseminate actions through internal or external announcements and prepare researches. Covering fairs and conferences.



Social Medias

Social media is an importante tool to communicate with customers and the general public. These channels represent a strong marketing strategy for enterprises in today's fast changing environment. 

Events and Special Projects

Special events for the media focusing on the relationship or to disclose products, launch, services, actions etc. Finding opportunities, propose exclusive sponsorships, as well as partnerships with other brands, destinations or companies. Offer to media outlets exclusive coverage, coordinate press trips, events, among others.


Blogs, newsletters etc. also are ways to bring the company or organization closer to the public and the market through articles, press releases, relevant discussions, interactive and creative content, among others.




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